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An Unofficial Cock Robin Web Site
Although this site has been discontinued it remains as a thank you to Rick Baldwin. His site was the first one to have information on Cock Robin and he has been so gracious in lending this site some of his wonderful graphics.

A Different Man
This is THE French web site for information on Peter Kingsbery and Cock Robin. A great job by Didier who is the main source for a lot of current and upcoming news on Peter Kingsbery. His site is bilingual in French and English. 80's Music Section
The newest search engine/web user's guide. The 80's music section has other bands from the decade with a personal guide who is very knowledgeable in this area.

Desert Sky Music
Clive Wright's web site which has current information on the professional career of a former member of Cock Robin.

An online store which sell the albums of Peter Kingsbery available. Information is available in French and English but they only allow monetary transactions in francs. This web service was personally used to obtain "Pretty Ballerina" and the results were very satisfactory.

le Soleil se lève à l'Est
A web site in French that includes a recent, in-depth interview with Peter.

Library of Congress
A very useful site on information about anything anyone ever copyrighted in the United States. This was where all information concerning writing credits was confirmed for all songs on this site.

Paris Jazz Big Band
A song entitled "A Lifetime" was written by Peter for the group Paris Jazz Big Band. He was also a special guest on their debut album "A Suivre". The album was released through Cristal Records/Melodie in 2000.

The virtual diocese of Mgr. Jacques Gaillot, the former Bishop of Evreux, who was the inspiration for the composition on Pretty Ballerina. The site is available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch.

Stone Cupid
On their 2000 release, Soul Driver, the group Stone Cupid covered "The Biggest Fool Of All". Information on how to purchase the album can be found at at their web site above.

Thought You Were On My Site
A web site on Cock Robin and Peter Kingsbery in Spanish filled with some rare photos and posters.

The Unofficial Purple Mountain Matinee Web Site
This is the site which actually had information with regard to Anna Lacazio singing back-up vocals on the group's album. A really well-desgined fan site for the band.

Ultimate Band List
An excellent on-line music resource center. Infromation can be found on just about any band or musician. Also included are music-related web sites and an online music store.

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